Predictas Meteor TV is different

predicta meteor tvLately it seems like every TV that comes out on the market is bigger than its predecessor, and should have the ability to be hung on a wall. Now many people are really jumping on the bandwagon here with this design, but some people dont want to have half of their wall covered by a TV, so they have to scrounge around until they find one thats not flat-screen. Predicta must have listened to the complaints of those few people who are like that because they just came out with The Meteor TV.

The design on this very different TV is a mixture of retro (think 60s) and Jetsens era. Everything from the ground up looks weird, from the strange base to the hardwood cabinet to the TV that revolves on a brass lapel. Even though this looks very retro and well, not very high-tech, there are plenty of features inside that hand-made cabinet to fulfill your needs.   Now those few, very few, people can rejoice because their house can now look like its in the 60s again; all they need are some of those hippie flowers and some psychedelic colors on the wall. — Nick Rice

Predicta Meteor TV [via Shiny Shiny]

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