Possibly the world’s smallest camera stand


More and more people are taking pictures nowadays thanks to the invention of digital cameras, the biggest reason is that pictures come out free, you don’t have to print all of them, and you can always delete the ones you don’t like, as oppose to traditional film camera systems where you have to pay for ever press of the shutter key.

If you own a DC then it is not uncommon that you’ve experienced blurry photos in low light conditions, or you’ll be in situations where nobody’s around to hold the camera for you. In that case, you would need a tripod… or something to hold up the camera, Tripods are too big, and the small ones are just not very attractive, so somebody designed this mini-camera stand, made of plastic and nothing fancy. It claimed to be the world’s smallest camera stand, and it will fit into the standard tripod anchorage hole below most cameras. It is so small that you don’t have to take it off to fit into your protective pouch. This tiny camera stand is already on sale in Japan now for just a few bucks. —Sam Chan

Brochure [1-2-3 pdf file, via DC Watch]

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