Bluedot BTV-400K: Portable DMB TV is DMB only

bluedot btv-400k

You’ve seen how DMB tuners are built into your music player, PDA, phone, electronic dictionary; how about just having a DMB tuner with a screen? If you like to go back to basics, Bluedot might just have the answer for you. Announced today is the BTV-400K that does nothing but receive DMB (One-Seg) broadcast, in fact it is the world’s first portable TV that does that (DMB and DMB only), even the USB port at the side is solely for battery charging but not data exchange with your computer. Well done. You’ll be glad to know that the a 272×400 pixels 4″ TFT screen is mounted on a 70x126mm package with a thickness of merely 11mm. The battery should last for 3 hours, and can be expanded to 10 hours by an optional battery. This portable DMB TV ┬áis only available in Japan for USD 300. Another pic after the jump.

bluedot btv-400k

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BTV-400K [Bluedot]

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