Portable Bar for alcoholics on the move

the portable bar

If you’re a college student or a raging alcoholic, the Portable Bar might be a cool item to check out. The Portable Bar allows for a quick bar setup anytime and anywhere your willing to wheel around a nondescript black case.

In a very compact space, this bar on wheels fits in an ice well, a full size bus bin with inserts for juice containers, bottles and other alcohol filled supplies. A strong an sturdy metal speed rail can hold up to eleven 750ml bottles or ten 1litre bottles without the risk of spillage or falls (not including falls from drunk humans).

The complete bar fits into an ugly rolling suitcase, which is actually quite compact from the look of its contents and is said to be able to be fully set-up in less than 5 minutes. The portable bar is a cool idea for party people on the go, tailgate parties, and maybe even for a makeshift midnight binge. — Andrew Dobrow

The Portable Bar  [via Born Rich]

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  1. Pretty cool bar. Definitely come in handy for a binge or college party.

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