Pong Anti-Radiation iPhone Case Keeps You Free From Cancer Forever, Yippee!

So you think cellphone radiation is really what you have to worry about, huh? You don’t have to worry about those cigarettes you smoke, the coffee and alcohol you ingest, those UV rays you soak in when you go tanning. No, it’s cellphone radiation, definitly your greatest risk factor. And who knows, with how much we use our phones, smoking might not be so bad in the whole scheme of things.

That was until we saw this Pong Anti-Radiation iPhone Case, made with a Pong-developed Gold PCB module, any radiation is automatically redirected away from your head. The addition of a silicone case ensures that your phone won’t get damaged once the brain tumor (or is that just a basketball) starts attacking your nervous system and your muscle spasms cause you to drop your phone constantly. Grab your cancer-free solution for $60. You know you need one. It’s bad when even your computers are growing tumors.

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  1. If this case really worked it would interfere with the signal from the microwave tower and you could not make or receive a call

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