PlaysForSure dead? Think again and meet PlayReady for cellphones

playsforsureMicrosoft is doing an amazing job and confusing us right now in terms of where they stand with their own DRM technology. Remember PlaysForSure? And how the Zune completely snubbed that idea, and how we thought that PlaysForSure was “for sure” going to get phased out? Not happenning yet.

Microsoft has announced that they have another DRM technology that is completmentary to PlaysForSure called PlayReady. PlayReady is meant for devices like cellphones and smartphones (Zune phone, anyone?). The major network providers such as Verizon and Cingular are expected to support it in their music stores. With Steve Jobs’ recent blog post still looming over our heads, DRM is looking worse everyday. Intrusion is something that consumers cannot live with (or pay for) forever. –Nik Gomez

Microsoft brings PlaysForSure to mobiles with PlayReady [via Gadgetell]

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