Play Your Old PSP Games on the PS Vita with Sony UMD Passport

Were you one of the people who ended up with a huge stash of UMD (Universal Media Disc) games for the PSP, after the format became obsolete? Well, we have some good news. Sony has developed a way for you to play your old UMD PSP games on the new Playstation Vita portable gaming system.

However, there is a catch. Actually, there’s a few of them.

The UMD Passport program allows you to “register” your existing UMD games — which gives you a “discount” when re-purchasing the titles. That’s right. You’re going to have to buy them all over again.

The program has only been announced in Japan, and right now it looks like the “discounted” price for games you’ve already purchased range from $6 to $26.

The Passport program is also only currently compatible with around 200 titles, though Sony says they hope to offer more in the future.

Well, it’s good to see that Sony is at least supporting some form of backwards compatibility in its handheld consoles.


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