Pioneer connects audio system and motion-sensing speakers over power line


Audio system manufacturers have been brainstorming for so long the best way to connect speakers with the audio system. The traditional way is the copper wire, now we can do it over WiFi and Bluetooth. The problem with these wireless technologies is that they have limited coverage and they are subject to interference, there are also people concerned with the potential health hazards associated with 24-7 EM wave exposure. Pioneer Japan announced this morning a new line of audio systems that they call the Music.tap. What’s so special about the new system is that the speakers are connected to the main combo via the power line for the first time in the world, using the PLC broadband technnology. So you can pretty much put your speakers anywhere in the house: every single room and your basement as long as there is a power socket around.


The whole Music.tap series include a couple of network speakers, the Sound Station as well as the iPod dock. The Sound Station can take USB and analogue line-in, files on USB flash players can also be played once connected. The Speakers are also equipped with motion sensors, so you can put a couple of speakers in the kitchen that can be turned on automatically when some one’s working there. The bottom line is no more antenna and no more annoying security set-up, we think Pioneer might have just gotten it right this time. Shipping will start in late March. The 600USD basic set up will include a Sound station and a pair of speakers, you can also purchase additional speakers at 170-230USD each depending on size, and an extra iPod dock for 120USD.




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