Periodic table of the HTMelements

The Periodic Table isn’t only an elegant way to organize the chemical elements; it’s also a meme?and a remarkably popular one at that, with its own song, tribute videos, and an endless variety of [amazon link=”B001D949HM” title=”swag”]. There are periodic tables of texting, of swearing, and of condiments; there’s even a periodic table of periodic tables… the list goes on. And now we can add?wait for it?another periodic table of elements! This one documents the elements of HTML5, organized and explained by way of an interactive table designed by Josh Duck, a developer based in Australia. Mousing over Duck’s table yields relevant tags; there’s also a feature that allows you to put in a URL and identify the elements used at that site. I’m not sure how useful Duck’s table is as a tool, but it’s an elegant implementation.

[Periodic Table of HTML5 Elements]

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  1. Its good to see the periodic table becoming ever more popular!

    please also see my book on the subject

    Eric Scerri, The Periodic Table, Its Story & Its Significance, Oxford University Press, 2007.

    all the best
    Eric Scerri,
    UCLA, Chemistry Dept.

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