Pepsi Natural: An Alternative For The Rest Of Us


It’s late at night and your World of Warcraft raid just started. You’re tired and know the only way you’re getting those sweet, sweet epics is to gulp caffeine until your stomach hurts. Instead of reaching for the standard fare, like Red Bull, why not give Pepsi a try? I’m not talking about your standard Pepsi here, I’m talking about Pepsi Natural.

Pepsi Natural is a new initiative from Pepsi that brings back the classic glass bottles that our parents often reminisce about. Additionally, ingredients include pure cane sugar, sparkling water and kola nut extract. No high-fructose corn syrup for us, thanks very much. It’s a different taste for sure, but one that most people will find surprisingly refreshing. Now all that’s left is to score a free case from Pepsi. Pepsi, are you listening? Send over some chips and a few bottles and we’ll be square.


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