People are Evil: Half of Phone Break-Ups Committed Through Text Messages

Take these survey results with a tremendous grain of salt, we’re talking boulder-sized, just for the sheer fact that it was conducted through a relatively small sample through a social networking start-up. MocoSpace asked 20,000 of their 10.3 million user base a few questions regarding their cellphone usage when it comes to their love life. And as usual, the results revealed a darker side of the human condition.

About 47% of the surveyed admitted to preferring SMS break-ups over a good-ole broken-heart-to-heart. Also revealed was that nearly a third of users used their phones to flirt with someone else while on a date. 57% have used their phone to end a relationship. Cellphones are apparently both destroying and harboring our illicit love lives. No surprise there, but really? Through text messages? That’s low.


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