Parental Advisory iPhone Case: Tipper Gore is So Proud

Remember when albums used to actually come in hard form? When we actually had to walk into a brick and mortar “record store,” as they used to refer to them, and purchase a tangible product (which would later be used in some pretty creative ways)? Those days might be long gone, or at least going extinct fast, but the legacy lives on. For the few years I was into hardcore rap, I became accustomed to seeing these parental labels on the cover of almost every album I bought. Snoop Dogg might not have liked it, but it was a fact of life.

The Parental Advisory iPhone Case relives the days when all the shits and fucks you could handle were outed for being the evil, dirty words that they are. Not to mention, it allows you to warn your friends and coworkers that the content on your iPhone might not be the most kosher. If the iPhone is fappin’, don’t come a-tappin’. Get your own for $20.

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