Pantech IM-S150 Phone: For when you want nothing less than Korean class

pantech im-s150 phone

Pantech has announced it’s IM-S150, which seems to be geared towards the hipsters of Korea. Despite it’s resemblance in design to a slab of pavement from any typical American road, Pantech says that since design has become such an imporant focus of the mobile community, that this is there answer to the trendy line of designs being released. On the technical side, the IM-S150 features an advanced quality screen using dual TFT LCD displays which can display 260,000 colors, or slightly less then the amount of shades Michael Jackson has been over the years. The phone will be released this week in Korea, branded with the SKY logo, Pantech’s number one line of phones. Enjoy your slab of concrete! — Andrew Dobrow

Pantech IM-S150 Phone [AVING USA]

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