Panasonic 8x DVD burner, only the size of a CD case


Panasonic is releasing its new ultra compact LF-P968C DVD burner which is as small as a typical CD case. While most American made computers contain an integrated optical drive, many people in Japan who are using ultra portables rely on external devices for their burning needs. The newest Panasonic ultra slim DVD burner is capable of burning dual-sided DVD’s at 8x.

The drive is completely USB powered, which is sure to make the panties moist of world travelers and road warriors as it means one less heavy and clunky power adapter to lug around on their various journeys. The Panasonic model burns almost twice as fast as other compact portable burners. Panasonic hopes to sell 5000 or so a month of these bad boys which might be wishful thinking of the amount users who need an optical disc upgrade. — Andrew Dobrow


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