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DIY: Arduino XPort Shield Build

If you’ve got soldering skills and you dabble in the Arduino programming language, this add-on will allow Internet access to your Arduino via Ethernet. This will allow you to check your email, your Tumblr and lots of other stuff the government won’t allow me to tell you. DailyDIY provides step-by-step instructions for this simple build for the novice solderer. Remember, ...

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RFID Technology Overview

Can you imagine a time when you won’t have to wait at the checkout line to pay for items at the grocery store? In the future, the items in your cart can be read instantly without having to scan items individually. As a result of recent developments in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, this is a very real possibility! RFID ...

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LumiNet: The Wearable Computing Network

LumiNet takes the conventions of a central processing unit, such as an Arduino, handling most of the workload and spreads the responsibility across a series of parallel ‘LumiNet modules’ which only depend on the four modules directly connected to it. This way, if one module goes bad, the rest of the wearable network will stay up and running. It’s programming ...

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Homemade PayPal Vending Machine

Ray Tanaka and his team over at PayPal Labs constructed this PayPal Vending Machine, unveiling it at PayPal X Innovate 2010. The machine melds together a zeitgeist of gadgets to allow smartphones to scan a QR code and make a PayPal payment. Once a payment is made, the machine tweets your purchase and notifies you with a confirmation display. Tanaka ...

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Nike Patents Back to the Future II Style Sneaker

A few weeks back we posted about a homemade pair of Back to the Future II style sneakers which were controlled through an Arduino microcontroller. The premise was good and so was the effort, but the motor on the back of the shoes was just too much of an eyesore to be practical. But we might be seeing a much ...

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Marty McFly’s Self-Tying Sneakers Become a Reality

An Instructable user / Back to the Future enthusiast took it upon themselves to great a very real version of Marty McFly’s Self-Tying Nikes from the iconic second film in the series. As you step inside the shoe, the force sensor feels the additional pressure, adds tension to the lases, tightens the shoe and viola! The shoes wear utilize an ...

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