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Power off, lights still on

Not sure if you have ever noticed that some fluorescent lights do glow in the dark for a while after you’ve turned off the power, that’s because the excited particles (ions) take time to give out the light (photon) after being excited by electrical energy. NEC has extended this behavior of fluorescence material and apply it to their new Hotalook-alpha ...

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Japanese lantern also dubbed as speaker

Japanese lanterns look great, the only problem is that they use candles, and they’re made of wood and paper. How about having something that looks pretty much exactly the same as those lanterns, saves the candles, can be powered via USB and also dubbed as an external speaker? That’s right, you can pick up one of these for 37USB from ...

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Use your kitchen as a centerpiece

Here is a fine solution to free up some of the cramped living space in your house. This spherical kitchen-in-one “Sheer Kitchen” is one well designed piece of cookware. When closed, the sphere serves as a beautiful carbon fiber centerpiece with a built in mood setter, a soft glow lamp to help create an intimate feel (maybe a nice way ...

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