Overclock the Turbo Laptop with a push of a button


Mmm, more Computex stuff. The MSI GX600 is being dubbed the world’s first Turbobook. Why, you might ask, would they call it a Turbobook? Well, what about the neat little overclock button that kicks the CPU speed up a notch when your computer is in AC mode (and by notch we mean 20%) for when you really need your computer working overtime. The turbo button enables the GX600 to run smoothly when you need that extra boost of free memory space.

Other than that neat feature, the Turbobook is a pretty typical Santa Rosa configured notebook. The specs looks something like this: Core 2 Duo processor, 15.4-inch WXGA, Nvidia Geforce 8600 with 512mb of ram, a max of 250 GB of SATA HD storage and up to 4 GB of mind numbing ram. No price is announced yet, but that turbo button is sure to also kick the price up a notch as well.


Andrew Dobrow


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