Out With The Old, In With The New

You’ve heard the terrible news about Muxtape being shutdown by the RIAA and now you’ve got no way of discovering new music. Guess it’s back to the ol’ 90210 iPod. On the RIAA’s official site, it claims that Muxtape had been evading the RIAA for a little while, which lead it to the killing blow which was a cease and desist order.

No worries, folks. Just like everything on the internet, when one site is taken down for illegal acts another is erected in it’s place for the same purpose. The majority of Muxtape users are moving to 8tracks where you can mix together 8 tracks with no more than two tracks by the same artist – all for the purpose of listening and sharing. It’s great to be back infringing copyrighted music material that the RIAA tries so desperately hard to abolish. Epic fail.

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