Our Official Facebook Page is Now Live: Please Become A Fan!


Hey y’all. I know you probably just rolled out of bed or maybe just rolled into bed, depending on how dead-ass drunk you are, so this might not be the post you were looking for, but hey, it’s gotta be done!

We just wanted to let you know that Gearfuse has finally made the jump to Facebook. We’d love if all of you could become fans on our Facebook page. To do so, all you have to do is go to our Facebook page and click the “Become a fan” button. It’s that easy. And if you’re here reading this post, we can only assume that you have some sort of fandom, so please, give us a few seconds of your time!

We’ll try to make it worth your while by holding some awesome conversations about all things geeky. Thanks peeps. We love you all. Really.


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Hey Folks! Myself Andrew Emerson I'm from Houston. I'm a blogger and writer who writes about Technology, Arts & Design, Gadgets, Movies, and Gaming etc. Hope you join me in this journey and make it a lot of fun.

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