Osama’s Solution to E-Mail: Snail Mail

Osama Bin Laden, shacked up in a nerd nightmare, had no access to the internet, television, and Allah forbid he couldn’t even play Angry Birds. So how did he send email and maintain control of al-Qaida tactical details?

The solution turned out to be stupid simple. Bin Laden would compose a message on his personal computer, save the document to a flash drive, and then give it to a courier. The courier would then drive to a “distant internet cafe,” upload the file via the USB drive, and send Bin Laden’s message in an e-mail from the cafe.

It almost seems too simple. Did our government or the Pakistani government for that matter just never think to monitor internet traffic´┐Żoriginating´┐Żfrom shady internet cafes? Apparently the NSA and our top level security forces forgot Bin Laden and his operatives haven’t necessarily lived with the luxury of the internet and modern advances in mobile technology. Who would have though a rudimentary, even below average understanding of the tech culture would result in an effective way to evade notice and thereby capture.

Maybe Sony, and Edios could take some cues here. Their NASA level secured networks have failed miserably.


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