Origen S21T case has built in 12″ display

origen s21t htpc case

If you do not have enough room on/under your desk for both a computer and a monitor, you are in a truely crunched position. But because this is a situation that a few people have found themselves in, the Origen S21T HTPC case fits. One small point to make: if you are that cramped in a space, please don’t buy this. You need to save your money and move into a larger room. So for those who are intrigued by cases that have built in screen, the S21T’s screen is said to be able to put out 1080p content. This Micro ATX cabinet also features a sliding bottom tray so that it isn’t like performing brain surgury when you want to swap out some hardware. While it is beyond me why a 12″ screen should replace your 19″ LCD, if you truly want this case, it’s going to run you around $600. Hi-tech has a hi-price. As for built-in connections, it has both USB and firewire ports so your multitude of devices aren’t left out. The feature I will leave you with? You can stack up to 10 hard disks in this case. Let that sink in.

origen s21t htpc case

Nik Gomez

Origen S21T HTPC  Enclosure [via Gizmowatch]

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