OnLive Gaming Service Might Shake Up Industry


Coming up with a new, viable idea in gaming is a tough challenge. After all, look what happened to the Phantom console after years of promises. A new service from entrepreneur Steve Perlman called OnLive is looking to challenge the home console as we know it.

The basic concept of OnLive is that it takes the powerful game computations that require serious hardware and computes them on a server far from the user’s home. The game is then fed through the Internet into the user’s home to a console of some sort. This will allow gamers to play games in real-time without the need for an install or game disc. Just think about how that would affect services like PSN and Xbox Live. Scary, right? VentureBeat got a preview of the service in action with Crysis and the results are apparently very impressive. Here’s to hoping that OnLive launches with success and a low cost to the consumer.


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