Office chair bike: The ride of comfort


This looks like the most comfortable damn bike ever ridden by human beings. The office chair bike is a 35 lb luxury leather office chair attached to a 16″ school girl type bicycle. The girly bike was re-welded into a bike made for reclined comfort.

Sure, all of the guys at work might call you a pussy for riding around on what used to be a bike for someone your daughter’s age. But you can just laugh it off, remembering that you have a fricken bike with a fricken leather office chair on it. The office chair bike was made in honor of “Bike To Work Day.” — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. That bike is what’s up! A friend of mine could put one of these together, exept mine will have a steering wheel instead of handle bars.

  2. I’d love one of those. Wonder how hard it’d be to mount a laptop to the front and hook up a wireless headset for voice commands so you can browse, exercise, and look fucking chill.

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