Oakley Medusa Goggles And Hat Make You Feel Good Vibrations, Mon


I don’t know whether wearing the Medusa line of gear from Oakley makes you look more like some crazy Aztec warrior or a peace (and hemp) loving Jamaican. Either way, the Medusa Hat and Goggles go together like peas and carrots, and not in some Forrest Gump mushy “I love you, Jennnnay” type of way.

In typical Oakley style, the Medusa gear will cost you an arm and a scalp. The Goggles will set you back $250, with the Hat costing a whopping $500. Guess it costs a lot to look so good. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. The trouble with them is that it feels more like a bike helmet than a cap, it�s so padded, heavy and they only do one size in the uk, so you have to stretch it to fit into one. Its hard to turn your head in them also when walking about. Also iam still trying to get the goggles with out the goggles it just sucks and looks like you have a massive fore head. Apparently you can get the goggles in the uk so I am trying to find somewhere to ship them to me. Also dont try to put any glasses on under the cap as the cap will make the shades dig into you head big time. I wear this type of hats all the time, I have something similar by Cyberdog and that cost me around 75 pounds but broke after a few weeks, but I think the price you pay for a Medusa, is in how well its made, I don�t see it braking any time soon, just like buying a good leather jacket, if looked after will see you a life time.

  2. where do i buy them

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