Nokia Achieve concept phone and UI give hope

[ev type=”youtube” data=”9qIZBo8a_pA”][/ev] Nokia has released a video of one of the most amazing concept phones to date. It can be likened to a Nintendo DS with these differences. Both top and bottom screens are touch, they span the entire device, and it is much slimmer. The user interface shown in this video is impressive as well. While all of this is still just a video, it does give hope that companies other than Apple are trying to make quality, simple devices. The concept here is called the Nokia Achieve, and it is a dual touchscreen phone. While the phone part isn’t really shown here, every other possibility is. It ranges from what could be video conferencing, contact magagement, media player, email reader, and… blueprint proofing? Whatever else Nokia has stored up its sleeve, we hope that this won’t just be a concept for long. — Nik Gomez

Nokia Achieve – The Dual-Touchscreen Concept Phone [via TechFresh]

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