Next-gen arcade games to be all touchy-feely


The Megatouch Elite Edge ION might looks more like a slot machine than something you’d see in an arcade, but the ION is what we might see being added to the arcade floor in the near future.

Featuring a 15-inch touch screen, a joystick, some stunning 3D graphics, and a collection of 102 games (ranging from puzzles to sports and action), the ION wants to be in an arcade near you. Want one for your personal arcade? Pick it up for £3,999.99 ($7,895). — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. We have a machine like this at our laundromat, most of the games for one player are a quarter and for two player it is fifty cents!

  2. that’s one classy laundromat you’re running 🙂

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