New York City Hotel Tiles Floor With Pennies


As far as tiling goes, this has got to be the most ostentatious floor paneling we’ve come across. The Standard Grill Hotel in New York has a uniquely tiled floor. The floor is tiled with thousands of shiny pennies. Real, authentic, actual pennies.

You might miss it if you don’t look close, but I guess it’s the small things which can make a huge difference. Now if I want to impress anyone I’m going to have to tile my floor with silver dollars. Thanks for fucking it up for the rest of us.


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  1. I think it’s very cool, but can’t find any info. on how to do it, or what products (other than pennies) were used.

    Some type of epoxy resin instead of grout?

    Very cool.

  2. Great post Andrew. Make sure to post your pictures of your silver dollar tile floor when you get it done.. I am looking forward to seeing it. I should warn you though that I am doing my swimming pool deck in all my useless and hard to spend Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coins. I will send a picture later – lol.


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