New Wolfenstein Game Will Be Fuehrer Free

Adolf Hitler won’t be making an appearance in the newest installment of the classic WWII-themed Wolfenstein video game series. For those of you who are under 21, Wolfenstein is a Nazi shoot ’em up game that’s widely recognized as the godfather of the first person shooter genre. Wolfenstein 3D, which was released in 1992 featured Hitler as an evil boss, but he hasn’t been seen in a Wolfenstein games since then.

Kevin Cloud, an artist working on the latest Wolfenstein sequel, told Eurogamer that Hitler won’t be in the new game because:

“We’ve got to save something for future Wolfensteins. We can’t do him in yet!.”

Hitler’s already been a target in the old-school Wolfenstein game, so I’m not sure why they think the uber-Nazi would be off limits for subsequent titles if they let gamers have another shot at him now. There’s still no planned release date for this new Fuehrer-free version of Wolfenstein.

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