New Qualcomm Cell Phone CPUs More Powerful Than Some Notebooks

Qualcomm has announced a new series of their heralded �Snapdragon� mobile CPUs that more than doubles those currently seen in cellphones and tablets.

While at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, Qualcomm announced a new family in their �Snapdragon� line of mobile processors. The new chipsets, which include support for one, two or four cores, will feature WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM radio while also featuring support for four 3D GPUs and multi-mode LTE modem integration.

For those of you who don�t speak fluent Techie, the last part translates to �3D cell phones that support 4G.�

Qualcomm boasts in their press release that their new CPUs, which can feature clock speeds reaching 2.5GHz, feature a 150% performance increase while consuming up to 65% less battery power than the current ARM-based Snapdragon CPUs.

The Dual-Core MSM8960 will start being sent to manufacturers at some point during the Q2 2011 while the MSM8930 single-core and quad-core APQ8063 will begin shipping in 2012.

With 3D GPU support and CPUs reaching 2.5GHz, who�s going to need a laptop anymore?

via Qualcomm

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