New iLuv i201 ear clip headphones: cheap and nice looking

iluv i201 ear clips

Many people have tried the ear clip style of headphone. They are really interesting for about a half an hour, until you realize either that they are the reason you ears hurt, or that everyone is staring at those alien looking things in your ears. If the new iLuv i201 headphones can overcome those obstacles, they probably have a good change at making it in the market. Priced at $13, these headphones are great for the iPod user who wants to ditch their horrible stock headphones but does not want to commit to a $100 set of noise canceling, over the head style piece of machinery. They do look rather nice. They aren’t as bony as some other ear clip headphones are, the have some substance. Because they utilize the plug style ear pieces, they do a good job of blocking outside noise that you want to to leave you alone. Another nice little feature? You don’t have to worry about extensions if the cord is too short because it comes with an adjuster built into the cord. The come in either iPod white or black to match for fashionable Christmas gift.

iluv i201 ear clips

iluv i201 ear clips

Nik Gomez

iLuv i201 Lightweight Ear Clips [via iLounge]

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  1. This prduct was nice for a while, but I have two grievances against it. The first one is that there is a volume adjuster ON the headphones, which can be bothersome when running as it is more weight so it bounces around a lot. The second one is that as seen in the 3rd and final picture, there are some rubber things around the earpiece. Those fall out very easily, and can get lost just as easily. I have yet to find replacements. It is very annoying since there is bare metal beneath it and can hurt to try to use the headphones without the rubber around it. Fairly unsatisfactory, 4/10.

  2. I too have had the same problem as others have mentioned. The little rubber pieces have fallen out and I’ve list both of them. I tried using them without the pieces and cut my ear on the inside. They don’t even make replacements. If anybody can find it, let me know.

  3. I really like them & what I do like most is that they have volume control that way I don’t have to use the volume control on my ipod! The only thing that I don’t like is the connection to the ipod the wire’s start to come out eventually. I would like to know how to order another pair. Maybe you have some where that connection is made a little better would someone please let me know? I do need another pair. Thank you!

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