New Computer Chip Promises To Deliver High Speed Internet On Steroids

Physicists at the University of Sydney in Australia have created an optical chip that has the potential make the internet up to 100 times faster. These “chalcogenide glass photonic chips” can operate at data rates of almost 640 GB/s, meaning they’ll allow users to transmit the equivalent of seventeen whole DVD’s each second. Wow. Imagine what the bootleggers will be able to do with the new crystal chips.

Chalcogenide glass photonic chips are cheap to produce since they can be made from plain glass crystals. The chips increase internet speed by preventing networks from being bogged down by old fashioned electronic components when transmitting information at the speed of light. Scientists say this technology could be commercially available in as early as five years. Get ready for blazing fast downloads and supercomputers that will blow your mind.

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  1. i’ll have to see that to believe

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