New autopilot feature might make another 9/11 impossible: Sensors on a Plane

Scientists at Boeing have developed a hijack-proof piloting system, designed to make it impossible to crash the plane into buildings or ground. The feature would be activated either by a simple switch, in close range, or through door sensors which could sense when the cockpit door was forcefully opened (which we think would lead to many false alarms). Once triggered, no one on board would be able to deactivate the system.

The system, witch was patented secretly through Boeing last week, will connect security services and ground control through radio waves and GPS systems, which would then allow the plane to be piloted remotely from the ground, acting like a sophisticated model airplane. The plane can then be landed at a militairy base or a commercial airport using an autoland system. The key to the feature is that once it is on, no one on the plane is in control of the destination anymore. The system is planned to be fully integrated into planes within the next three years. — Andrew Dobrow

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