Nettou Boxing gloves: Wii boxing without a screen

nettou boxing

We know how people are crazy about Nintendo Wii Sports, treating 2 parts of the wiimote as boxing gloves. Now how about bring this super fun game to the streets? No TV, no power adapter, no Wii, all you need is a pair of these Nettou Boxing gloves and an I-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude. Pop in your batteries, choose between Training or Fighting mode and you’re good to go. Simply punch the midair as hard and as fast as you could, punching sound will then be simulated on top of 2 lovely pre-installed background music tracks. These gloves are selling for  US$32 now in Japan, you can get these first and continue to save up for Wii. — Sam Chan

Nettou Boxing gloves [e-Revolution]

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