NetCafe frenziness will push up Asus sales by 50%

netcafe asusAsus currently takes up 1/3 of the world’s computer motherboard market, and they have been doing that by striving to expand the market themselves. At a press conference on Friday, Asus indicated that they would join forces with intel (not AMD), they even projected that their sales will increase by another 50% in 2007, if they manage to meet their own target, that is, they have to increase the overall sales of the world market by 20%. Crazy eh, one company on one island, a third of all the computer lying around. How are they doing to manage? This all and only has to do with a market an hour of flight away; the Taiwanese company is eyeing the booming internet cafe business in mainland China. Mobile phone subscribers can rise in terms of millions per month, you can imagine how companies can go crazy once they capture the Chinese taste. — Sam Chan

Asus and Intel [Pcpop]

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