NASA Discovers Evidence of Salt Water on Mars

Researchers have discovered something interesting about our most heavily observed neighbor — Mars has evidence that it might have flows of saltwater. New photographs display marked dark streaks on rocky areas, which some scientists believe could be caused by saltwater flows.

However, there is some debate about this discovery, since researchers haven’t “officially”�detected�any water. Also, they haven’t explained how the salt water flows could be replenished, given the harsh climate on the Martian surface.

The dark streaks do grow and fade each year, which gives further evidence to the possibility that they may be related to briny salt water.

Perhaps NASA will decide to begin researching to develop a manned shuttle to Mars to investigate, finally. Oh… wait. That’s right, the shuttle program has been discontinued. Blimey.


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  1. The shuttle was an orbiter. It never had the potential to go to Mars.

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