MS Next-Gen Finalist ‘Momenta’ Is Ingeniously Scary


Momenta is one of the finalists in Microsoft’s Next-Gen PC Design competition, and it’s not wonder why. The neck-worn Momenta is designed to record your life in a rolling buffer, while actively reading your pulse.

When Momenta senses your heart rate increasing, it saves the previous five minutes of buffered video, acting as sort of a real life TiVo so you can watch later to see what it was that made your pulse rise. Momenta sure can provide some psychological clarity, but somewhere we know the real point is for friend’s to see your fears and turn-ons, and then make fun of them for you unmercifully. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Wasn’t there a prison-movie once, where the prisoners had to wear a collar (just like that one)?

    If the prisoner tries to remove the collar or escape from the prison, the collar explodes, killing the person instantly. And yet, each collar had a secret pair, so if a prisoner A gets bombed, some specific prisoner B would get bombed too.

    For me, that’s a damn scary collar.

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