Motorized bicycle wheel for lazy environmentalists


Simply called “The Wheel” by RevoPower, the product manages to squeeze in a small 25 cc two stroke engine which is said to be able to accelerate a bike to 20 mph over flat ground, while offering 100 miles to the gallon. While not the optimal amount of emissions for a tree hugger, it sure as hell is healthier then driving a hummer.

The two stroke tank runs off of gas mixed with oil, and to save room, the water bottle holder no longer holds a beverage, but your gas tank. Just remember not to drink out of the tank. That could be bad unless you’re some mutant humanoid who runs off of petroleum. The wheel will cost between $400 and $500 and is planned for release in the spring of this year. If you want to moderate your gas consumption, the wheel is usable without using the motor, yet its heavy weight of 12+ lbs would make it one exhausting ride. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. That’s a SERIOUSLY non-eco idea. Let’s mull it over.

    Point 1. It’s a TWO STROKE engine. As noted you have to mix lubricating oil with the gasoline, and that shit burns DIRTY. You won’t be getting a catalyser or anything of that sort on this baby. You may put out a little less CO2, but all your other emissions – probably including NOx – will be through the roof even compared to an SUV. And it will be smoky, smoky, smoky.

    Point 2. A full-on 125cc motorcycle can pull down more than 100mpg and propel you to about 70mph. For the amount of power on offer this thing is thirsty.

    Point 3. Electric power wheels are available that will have more torque, run near-silent and have no emissions, and likely not require any kind of license or registration (which, depending on area, this thing might). And are the same price or cheaper.
    (In fact I’m sure my dad, pre-bankrupcy-firesale once had a 15mph electric bike that cost as much IN TOTAL)

    The only advantage I can see is that in some areas you won’t need a license, and it will have a greater range than an electric bike. However you’ll probably have to refill it’s tank at about the same time as the electric would have run out of juice (a water bottle holding somewhere between 1 and 2 pints will only get you 20 miles even at 100mpg), and there’s no regen braking etc. Also: Lots more weight on your front wheel. You want that? (Electric ones often run the rear wheel instead, as do any “real” bikes. FWD is a less ideal concept for bikes than it is for cars)

  2. saw this on a “Green” tv show. had trouble finding this site. LOOKED GOOD…at 1st. we live on BIG HILLS. had typ that ran on front tire. ok IF ur on FLAT (n same cc as this). On the FLAT we can PEDDEL. on hills WITH motor we saw no real help at all. to us a waste of $$. was HOPEING this had more power. sigh So, for us; wont buy. Sorry. r.e.

  3. how do i get a motorized wheel for a 26 inch bike

  4. My motorized bike runs a two stroke engine as a helper motor and in it’s entire lifetime of use it will NEVER come close to producing as much pollutants as it takes to MAKE your pu**y hybrid prius.

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