Monsterpod: the ultimate tripod

monsterpod camera tripod

Do you ever want to take pictures from seemingly impossible angles, like walls or trees? No? Well if you did, the Monsterpod would be perfect for you. This tripod for any camera 20 oz or less is actually a tripod that can stick to almost anything, giving you the ability to place your camera in places you never imagined. This plunger-like tripod is supposed to be able to stick to anything, from trees to metal fences, for 10 minutes without falling off. This viscoelastic polymer-based marvel is waterproof and dirt resistant, meaning that if it gets too dirty, you can simply wash it off with water and it�ll work as good as new.

This contraption would be an instant success if only it worked for video cameras as well as regular cameras. You don�t really need a tripod to take pictures in weird spots, because you only have to hold your hands there for a second, unlike a video camera, in which you might have to hold your hands in some awkward position for minutes at a time. This company should run with this new technology and start targeting larger cameras. For $35, the Monsterpod is a pretty cool product if you want to have the ability to stick your camera to the side of a crosswalk sign; otherwise, wait and pray that they will make a monsterpod XL that will be able to hold up larger video cameras, which would be flippin� sweet.

monsterpod camera tripod

monsterpod camera tripod

Nick Rice

Monsterpod [via ubergizmo]

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