Monopoly Teaming Up With Google Maps for Online Edition


Hasbro teamed up with Google to create their online game Monopoly City Streets. Integrating Google Maps into the gameplay, players can choose from over one million streets worldwide to purchase in-game.

Users will be able to build football stadiums and skyscrapers, in addition to the usual hotels and houses, as well as prisons and garbage dumps on opponents’ streets. Monopoly City Streets launches on September 9.

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  1. I finally got into Monopoly City Streets. It was sooo slow! After an hour or so I managed to buy a couple streets near my house and then I gave up.

    So back to my other addiction…. another game where you claim territory on a Google Map called Parallel Kingdom. It’s more of an RPG but you claim territory by building flags and it uses the GPS in the iPhone. I think you can get it on Android phones too. I’ve been playing it for a few months already. I’m pretty sure its still free in iTunes.

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