Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot: The gift for boat enthusiasts

minn kota riptide wireless copilot

There havenít been many posts, if any, on boat-related topics, so here is something for you techies who love boats but miss all of your gadgets. The Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot is a remote that allows you to control the boat without having to sit behind the steering wheel. With the remote you can steer left or right, speed up or slow down, and turn the prop on or off. The RipTide Wireless CoPilot is small enough to wear on your wrist or a belt, and what do you know, itís waterproof AND floats. Man the guys at Minn Kota probably had to think long and hard about whether or not to add those features; once they remembered this was for a boat in water, they decided to add them.

The only drawback to this ingenious remote is that it only works with specific Minn Kota motors, meaning that if youíre one of the few who actually has a Minn Kota motor, you have to hope that your motor is compatible. If you have one of the motors that can use this, spending $170 on the Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot might make your boating experience a whole lot more interesting (steering from the water?). — Nick Rice

Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot [via Uber-Review]

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