Mini-Cooper Smeg Limited Edition Refrigerator


Smeg Italian joins hands with Mini-Cooper to create the Mini-Cooper S replica refrigerator, of which there are only 250 being produced. Using the traditional blue color with white racing stripes, the fridge is completely inspired from the 2007 Cooper.

Even if your not a Mini-Cooper fan, these fridges look wonderful. Sure as hell prettier than my off-white piece of junk. Definitely a perfect bachelor pad cooling device. Though these are extremely limited, so if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to do some hunting. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. If you like that Mini/Smeg Mini-fridge you’ll love my SASS-E Fridge that has several Auto Themes that include Mini-Cooper Clubmen , Cooper-S convertible ( Cyprus Orange or Blue) , 1965 Thunderbird , 1968 Bullitt Mustang 390 GT Fastback ,Lambourghini ( Yellow with the ASUS Notebook and Fridge Docking Station ) , Lincoln MK-T Concept car, BMW M1 Homage, BMW sedan ( Red) , and some Retro-Colours based on Thunderbirds.

    I managed to re-configure the Consumer Fridge for a ECO/Accessible Modular unit that is Tool-Free and uses 25% less material for shipping , and I plan to use a Oil-Free compressor that will work in a Zero-Gravity mode if needed and I’m making it Fire/Explosion-Resistant to meet the Medical Lab standards and for a Military version for use in a Field Hospital .

    Check out my promo images and 2D rendering shot , the Fridge is roughly 26 Cu Ft/ 736 Liters and will run below the noise Record of 15 db’s for a Consumer fridge , the Universal Design came about after my personal Illness that exposed many flaws in the typical designs of today.

    I plan to post a Truck series as a Novelty Concept based on the Volvo’s and Peterbuilt cabs , there is also a New Yorker fridge to help launch my Designs and in will have green-copper colours and famous Land marks built into some of the parts. The Modular design allows for exporting to any nation on Earth because the Power-Cooling system has a Universal Platform to add on parts when ordering a Incomplete-Fridge from the factory .

    Finally a fridge you can take with you when you move and it can have new Door Panels added to match any Kitchen Colout Theme.

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