Microsoft JP fanned out unannounced iPhone-ish Sharp WM6 device


When you develop a product with a large group of companies, sometimes it is hard to keep everybody’s mouth shut. During the WM6 Japanese Edition press conference this morning, Microsoft was a bit too excited with what they’ve been working on with Sharp and Willcom. So here it goes, up on the screen for the gasping fans, people who have been following the viral marketing teaser site. This is just one day before the official announcement.

We are sure that this sexy tablet (far right in the picture above) will run on Willcom’s PHS network in Japan, with WM6 Classic (=WM6 Professional minus VOIP, and it is not supposed to support voice calling, but we have no idea why Willcom chose this license instead) on board. And from the code we got from the teaser site, we can predict that it will have a 3″ WVGA TFT screen, 520Mhz CPU, 256MB flash 128MB SDRAM, 17.8mm thin and weighing at 156.9grams. Ah well, the damage is done and Willcom is likely to file a complaint. — Sam Chan

UPDATE: the leaked picture of the WS011SH turned out to be a different reference design. All the specifications aforementioned are correct nevertheless. The product page went live on June 7 here. The device can indeed make voice calls over PHS, we’ve triple checked on that.



  1. Classic means without Phone, not VoIP…Meaning it’s ONLY a PocketPC.

  2. I think you’re wrong, even though the Classic edition is meant to be for ” ?ž Ž š ž ? ƒƒ ƒ? ƒ ƒ ƒ ? ? ? œ ”, but the WS011SH can indeed make calls over PHS, we’ve triple checked on that. Check the dial/hang up keys, and also the mic underneath the alphanumeric keypad, and for all of the W-ZERO3 devices in the past. We have no idea why they chose to license the Classic edition however, but the thing is it does make calls. As for not supporting VOIP, check the official comparison table between the 3 versions under “options”.

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