Mercedes Fortwo Is Tiny, Cheap, and Deadly

Fortwo Car

SmartUSA has just announced that two Mercedes produced “smart fortwo” models will be available in the US for under $12k. That, combined with its minuscule 8.8-ft length and 5.1-ft height, make it one of the smallest, cheapest cars around. The base model doesn’t have much in the way of features (not even air conditioning), but there is a wide range of price customizations available, topping out at around $16,590 for a fully loaded vehicle.

The fortwo will also get a whopping 40+mpg fuel efficiency and a top speed of 90 mph, which makes it a very appealing choice for those looking to save a few bucks at the pump. Plus it has a pretty cool looking design. I would keep both hands on the wheel though. With a car this tiny, hitting a grocery cart in a parking lot could end up being a fatal wreck. � Sean Fallon

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  1. Driving one for more than 7 years
    And having 2 accidents with it,
    I must say that this baby (actualy the previous model) is solid rock

  2. That’s good to hear. I actually like the look of the car, and the price can’t be beat. So, with any luck it might catch on in the U.S.

  3. Sean, based on what I have read this car has a very safe crash rating.

    What justifies your comments that its deadly?

  4. Deadly? Gets 4 star crash test rating which is actually quite good- do your research next time…

  5. This car is actually very safe, I’m getting one in May of 2009, and I went for a test drive and its sold as a rock. The ride is firm and tight, with no loose ends. This car definetly has mercedes engineering. I mean where else can you get a vehical with leather seats band new for under $16,000. Bottom line I can’t wait to get mine. Go make you reservation this car is supper cool.. Go Smart Fans…………………..

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