Memorial Day Pickings


What a week. We covered the 10 Worst Gaming Systems, looked at a unique way of applying grip tape and hated on Beer Pong for the Wii. No matter, considering many of you will be seeing the new Indiana Jones flick this weekend.

Since many of you will be hitting the beach this weekend, I feel it’s my duty to remind you watch out for jellyfish. You have been warned.

Need some good reads this weekend? Try these out for size:

  • Make yourself a pair of Zelda-esque elf ears.
  • Psystar is actually doing well. Re-live the Clone Wars of the 1990s.
  • Score a house for $1500.
  • While DJing isn’t anything new to us, using touchscreens as turntables is awesome.
  • Some group of idiots claims that WiFi is giving them allergies.
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