Meet the 416 MP digital camera


The previously unknown to us company, BetterLight, has created a new monster in the digital photography world. A 416 MP camera. There’s no typo there. Allow us to write it out phonetically to be sure. Four-hundred and sixteen megapixels! For our needs this is about 410 megapixels too many. But for companies who create wall sized prints for ads, the incredible detail could carry a new era in realistic advertising.

Each file this camera snaps is about 794 MB, which of course means buying a new hard drive might be in order. The camera is made for art reproduction companies as well as archival groups. It will put a $22,995 hole in your pocket, which is a great value considering a similar price was thrown on 20 MPs when they were first released for sale. All we can say is, “Wow, that’s a shitload of pixels.” — Andrew Dobrow


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