Massaging Socks Don’t Care How Your Feet Smell, But Your Friends Still Do


When my lady friend gets home from work and asks me for a foot massage, I initially don’t have a problem. Then the time comes when she lays her smelly, dirty feet across my lap, with a face of self-knowing, at which point I tell her to get her dirty appendages into the shower. I think for her birthday this year I’ll pick her up a pair of these Akaishi Foot Massager Socks.

The fleece shots press into your feet at key pressure point locations to “help encourage the flow of energy through the body and the elimination of lactic acid crystals accumulated in tired feet”. We don’t know about all of that energy mumbo-jumbo, but we do know that not only do these socks massage, but they also offer arch support for flat feet. — Andrew Dobrow

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