M.A.R.S. Floating Wind Power Generator


Speaking of R2-D2, this M.A.R.S. Floating Wind Generator looks a lot like a flying R2 droid on its side. This helium-filled, horizontal-rotating M.A.R.S. (Magenn Power Air Rotor System) will go into production with its 4.0 kw unit this year with 7 more models planned for release in the next 4 years. The 2010 and 2011 planned models will be able to power a small town on their own.

The generated electrical energy travels town its 1000-foot tether rope, with the energy available for immediate use. With its helium, balloon-like flying system, M.A.R.S. can fly higher than other wind turbines, able to reach altitudes with much higher wind speeds.


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  1. really cool

  2. Paul Householder

    What about lightning?

  3. G’day Gear Fuse,
    amazing invention the M.A.R.S. flying generator, would love to know when you are launching it in Australia and if you need any help, am a graphic designer with my own business and specialise in web and print marketing material. Which brings me to my reason for commenting! Second paragraph on the M.A.R.S. homepage I think may be a typo:

    “The generated electrical energy travels town its 1000-foot tether rope,”

    Should this be “travels down it’s 1000-foot tether rope”

    Yep, pretty picky, but that’s my job. I may be wrong but just making sure you are looking absolutely professional as I am extremely impressed at what you are creating. Fantastic work!

    Kind regards


  4. i had a very similar idea to that, but don’t know how i would have gotten it up in the air, your helium idea is very smart, how would you refill the balloon?
    may i suggest attaching a 1000-ft tube directed into the balloon from a helium supply in the base, because if I’m correct, helium does lose energy right?

    This i was my idea:
    Having a horizontal Aerofoil that can be placed in the sky, as you said about 1000ft and because of fast wind it would give it lift to stay up. (possibly)
    On the aerofoil or in it, would be X number of generators. Small generators that would produce efficient power to supply a small city.
    It would have stabilizers on the sides, and a pivot point on the ground so that when the find changes direction, it would follow it.

    This was just one of my many ideas.. i thought id share because i came across the M.A.R.S. design. I’m 17yrs old and yea would love it if anyone can share their ideas, or help design my one a little more better.
    I do have pics of My idea, feel free to email me if you would like to see it
    [email protected]


  5. Miniturize, miniturize, miniturize — and install with rechargeable batteries on sky-scrapers, military and commercial jets w/battery caches and sell the power…
    less capital required, quicker cash-flow and less “vulnerability” to elements/storms, birds, planes, saboutage…

    The era of big-grandiouse plans, systems is fading. Do this small, locally and profitablly first — then sell and manage the franchises — maybe partner with a
    successful franchise with deep pockets and has self-interest in lowering their
    OWN energy costs…like Whole Foods, FedEx. What if you could make a jet engine
    that via its rotation, generated power/electricity?

  6. sir, ur project s very nice i need the ful details about the M.A.R.S. flying generator…. i need ballon maqterial and where did the ballon can able to buy…

  7. hi sir, ur project is very cool , i need some more information about this model for instance the material for ballon n the rope , how much this cost etc etc

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