Manila Folder MacBook Air Case


At this year’s Macworld conference, Steve Jobs introduced the new ultra-slim MacBook Air by pulling it out of a normal manila folder to showcase its impressively anorexic design. If you thought this act of showmanship was a pretty cool idea, you’re not alone. You can now even get your own Manila Folder MacBook Air Case.

Made from durable upholstery-grade vinyl and lined with fuzzy, soft fleece, the case is a piece of protective gear that fanboys can really admire. It resembles an actual envelope so closely, they might even be able to pull off the shipment by slapping your address right on the case itself. Get your own for $29.95. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I just ordered a real sleeve from Waterfield ( I use their cases for all my gear–great stuff. They said it would ship next week. The manila folder is “cute,” but not for me.

  2. Uhh….that’s a manila ENEVELOPE. Not a folder.

  3. ^ typo

  4. The basic purpose, scope and principles of the document remain unchanged. ,

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