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lapstyle laptop covers

So you think since you have a nice winter jacket for this winter season that you’re all set, huh? Well what about your poor little laptop? You walk around in your down stuffed coat while little Lappie freezes its motherboard off. Lapstyle is the answer! Lapstyle Laptop Covers are fuzzy little exteriors for your laptop to kick the style up a notch while keeping your laptop happy through the cold days. It looks like shag carpeting for your notebook. We think these covers are geared towards our female audience, but their are a few that seem pretty cool for both sexes actually. And with titles ranging from The Bear, The Beast all the way to “Deadly Pink”, we can safely say Lapstyle offers a unisex line of covers. — Andrew Dobrow

Lapstyle Laptop Covers [via GadgetCandy]

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  1. does lapstyle make ur laptop hot?!?!so it’ll brake..

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