Major Space Agencies Agree on Universal Docking Station: Space Tourism, Here We Come

The International Space Station Multilateral Coordination Board (MCB), represented by space agency officials from Japan, Russia, Canada, Europe and NASA have reached an agreement to create a universal dock for linking spacecraft and space stations. This might not sound like much, but what it means is that not only can international agencies work in tandem at an unparalleled level, but that us non-astronauts are a step closer to heading closer to the stars, and right on schedule.

A universal dock design means an easier standard for commercial space tourism ventures to design their vessels around, meaning the space tourism industry could be rapidly reaching its tipping point. But aside from selfish reasons it also means a safer stay for our astronauts. If you happen to get stuck in a space station, there would be no reason to send away a foreign rescue craft just because their docking is incompatible with yours. It might be a long, scary trip to the International Space Station, but the view is totally worth it.

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